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As part of its business expansion, our client is looking to hire a Restaurant Supervisor who will be accountable for everything that happens at the restaurant.

Poste et missions

Specific duties include:


·         To lead the team on each shift and ensure the company service standards are upheld;

·         To ensure food is prepared in time for breakfasts, lunches and dinners;

·         To escort customers to their tables;

·         To explain how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods;

·         To present menus to customers and answer questions about dishes and make recommendations;

·         To remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters, and take them to kitchen for cleaning;

·         To serve food and/or beverages to customers;

·         To check customers are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems;

·         To work closely with other team members to ensure excellent service is provided to all customers;

·         To take directions and guidance from managers;

·         To hire crew members, waiters, chefs, food preparers and shift managers for their restaurants;

·         To train restaurant employees;

·         To oversee the process while simultaneously ensuring food quality, service and cleanliness standards are maintained throughout shifts;

·         To hit all financial targets;

·         To schedule enough workers to handle busy ;

·         To follow opening and closing procedures;

·         To make bank deposits and get cash and change for register drawers before the restaurant opens;

·         To disassemble steam tables and fryers at closing time;

·         To order food, beverages and supplies to avoid running out of these items;

·         To use a computerized inventory system that tells you when and how much to order;

·         To monitor inventory reports and order when necessary;

·         To ensure that employees use older foods first to avoid exceeding expiration dates;

·         To welcome the customers in the restaurant;

·         To help monitor the weekly cash flow of the restaurant and pay outstanding bills.

Profil et compétences requises

·         Degree in restaurant management  or related discipline

·         2  years experience as  restaurant supervisor

·         English and French language fluency required

·         Be polite and courteous

·         Be organized

·         Be able to handle complex logistics

·         A knowledge of accounting or the basics of money management is helpful

·         Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel  and  Word is a must

·         Strong people management  and administration skills

·         Strong teamwork

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Customer oriented

Votre Dossier

We invite you to post your resume and cover letter on our website: (fill the form), before September 9th, 2014
People who are living in Kolwezi must submit their application (Cover letter and Resume) to Vodashop of Kolwezi.