Parts Manager - 200415-001

Intitulé du Poste

Parts Manager

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It an opportunity of working in a company evolved in industrial sector. This company seeks an  Executive Assistant who will have as main mission to manages part operations within the dealership to maximize return on investment through; optimizing Parts Department processes to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction, growing profitable parts sales, exercising disciplined expense control, attracting and retaining outstanding talent and effectively engaging department personnel.
The Parts Manager will be placed under the authority of the  Sales Location Manager .

Poste et missions

Essential Duties
The Parts Manager  will perform the following tasks :
-Develops and maintains effective Parts Department processes to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction.
- Creates annual Parts Department goals and budget, in alignment with the organization's financial and operational objectives and effective Inventory Management.
- Develops and executes Parts Department marketing plan and monitors monthly to ensure achievement of departmental goals.
- Submits all parts warranty and return claims within the required time frame to receive maximum credit.
-Maximises use of all order discount programs.
-Maintains all department tools, equipment and vehicles in good working order.
-Ensure adherence to all Company Policies & Procedures.

Specific responsibilities
-Establish manage and control a sales system that recognises and enforces concepts leading to customer loyalty and referrals.
-Follow-up and resolve all customer requests and complaints.
-Maintain and build on sales to ensure department profitability.
-Set standards for personnel to follow.
-Establish long and short term sales and profit objectives for both the department and sales personnel.
-Develop merchandising, advertising and sales promotion plans to enhance the profitability of the department.
-Manage departmental expenses to maximise profitability and review expenses regularly to ensure resources are being used effectively and efficiently.
-Develop and maintain monthly budgets.
-Check, inspect and authorise all necessary orders, picking slips, requisitions and purchase orders.
-Develop and maintain efficient billing, costing and discount procedures.
-Establish and maintain a balanced inventory that ensures customer's needs are met.
-Follow up on all material returns and credit requests.
-Ensure wholesale compensation and obsolescence criteria are met and obtained.
-Control purchase and ordering procedures to maintain department profitability.
-Ensure all incoming Parts are checked for conformity and price and return any non-conforming or damaged part with credit request or insurance claim.
-Maintain shipping and receiving timetables.
-Ensure smooth flow of daily paperwork.
-Maximise the utilisation of existing space.
-Seek and provide market and competitor information for evaluation.
-Provide sales staff with information that will create new business.
-Establish and maintain good working relationships with all other departments to reduce conflict and maximise Dealership Profitability.
-Establish and maintain lines of communication with JDL / ANDZ that will help to provide current information for the Dealership.
-Initiate housekeeping, safety and security procedures that result in a safe and attractive working environment.
-Ensure that all security procedures are followed.
-Maintain a Hazardous Substance Register of all hazard substances stored
-in the Parts and Accessories Department and maintain a file of Material Safety Data Sheets for these substances.
-Cares for the health and safety of self and others.
-Follows workplace procedures and instructions to achieve good OHS practice.
-Maintains tools, equipment and facilities to make sure of safe performance and good OHS practice.
-Identifies and reports unsafe, unhealthy or hazardous working conditions.
-Uses personal protective equipments as required.
-Does not engage in practical jokes that could harm the health or safety of another person

Profil et compétences requises

-Know how to negotiate and manage a supplier
-Know how to establish and follow an administrative process
-Good communication skills(oral, written, and presentation), ability to speak in public
-Demonstrated ability to work with others in diversity(Ability to work in a complex and dynamic organizational environment)
-Ability to work independently;
-Integrity, honesty  and discretion;
-Creative thinking and capacity for initiative
- License in  Economy,Management, Business Administration, Economic Law, ect) or equivalent diploma;
- Three years experience in a similar position.
-Fluent in french
-Good knowledge of written and spoken English 
-Proficient computer skills(Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)

Votre Dossier

We invite you to submit your detailed CV in French (with compulsory mention of the position title in the subject of your request:  “ PARTS MANAGER” and  your application letter by mail directly on our website (fill the form) or write to :  in word  format (any other format will not be accepted) before the “May 04 2015”.
-Application from women are highly encouraged
-Only successful applicants will be informed and invited