Business Development Manager - 250614-001

Intitulé du Poste

Business Development Manager

Type de contrat





As part of its business expansion, our client is looking to hire a Business Development Manager who will control all aspects of the Business Development Department.
The Business Development Manager will report to the Technical Manager.

Poste et missions

Specific duties include: 

•Control the operations of the Business Development Department;
•Visit and maintain contact with all clients and potential clients on a regular basis and report the results to the General Manager;
•Control all the Marketing functions;
•Ensure all documentation related to the Business Development Department is up to date and kept in a neat and orderly fashion;
•Maintain departmental budget ;
•Plan and coordinate marketing events within related fields of business for the company;
•Liaise with the Technical and/or General Manager and agents for communicate to related field;
•Be presentable and friendly to customers at all times;
•Be available to work over time from time to time;
•Adhere to the companies polices, Quality System, procedures and methods at all times;
•Understand and assist with maintenance of the Quality System where applicable;
•Assist with writing of procedure for Marketing;
•Ensure compliance with procedures, instructions and methods for accreditation;
•Complete all quality related documentation as required;
•To ensure cleanliness in the area of responsibility and the application of good housekeeping practices;
•Act safely with due diligence to the safety and health of oneself and others. 
•Show respect to the environment with regards to legislation. Do no harm to the environment i.e. do not pollute, destroy sensitive vegetation, etc;
•Act in a safe manner at all times, also ensuring that all subordinates (where applicable) act in a safe manner and be responsible for them.
•Compile monthly, weekly and/or daily reports, on the performance of the responsible department, to the responsible superior.

Profil et compétences requises

Advanced degree in Marketing and/or Sales or related discipline
•At least 3 years in a related field
•English and French language fluency required
•Some chemical analysis/laboratory work not essential but an advantage 
•Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office Pack

Votre Dossier

We invite you to post your resume and cover letter (mention the job title in the subject of your request: "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER" on our website: , before July, 2nd 2014.