HSSE-Superintendant - 120815-001

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SODEICO Manpower is recruiting a HSSE Superintendent for a company evolving in the Port handling sector. 
The relevant person must be dynamic, pro-active and ambitious individual capable of meeting the challenges and achieves predefined objectives. He will have as a mission to advise management about matters related to health, safety, security and environment.
The candidate will report to the Chief operating officer and will be in charge of the HSSE Supervisor.

Poste et missions

Specific duties include: 

-  Define with Management the HSSE objectives;
- Assure the set objectives are reached;
-  Advise management about any HSSE issues;
 -  Ensures quality of all risk analysis through training and assistance;
 -  Coordinate /lead the resources and the various activities of the department by providing opinions and to management; 
-  Privileged Interlocutor of the management on all HSSE aspects;
- Ensures periodical reporting related to HSSE;
 -  Guarantee the efficiency of the investigations and the reports as well as the implementation of corrective actions related to incidents / accidents;
 -  Ensure the implementation of the preventive and corrective actions further to various reports ;
-  Design, supervise and coordinate trainings which will improve the promotion of HSSE culture and awareness;
-  Participate in all meetings or workshops related to HSSE;
 - Ensure the compliance of activities to the legal requirements and Health, Safety, Security and Environment standards;
 -  Include Health, Safety, Security and Environment aspects at the start of the Work Planning phase;
 -  Ensure that the interventions/ works are carried out in compliance with the laws, regulations, obligations and rules related to Health, Safety, Security and Environment 
- Carry out analyses on the available records; 
-  Identify the required information and ensure to the good keeping of the records; 
-  Ensure the introduction of the new elements figuring in the HSSE Management system, HSSE Manager ;
 -  Ensure the continual improvement policy in constantly reviewing the elements of the HSSE Management System;
-  Develop the documentation system; 
- Ensure compliance with the continuous improvement policy;
 -  Plan/conduct HSSE audits;
 -  Report to Management and Group levels ;
-  Ensure the setting up and the running of the Safety and Security systems, policies and procedures;
-  Ensure that all Safety, Security, Health and Environment matters are integrated in all operation areas;
 -  Design and ensure induction and continuous trainings in HSSE;
 -  Regularly assess the risks and threats;
-  Manage the HSSE Department Team;
 -  Be the focal point and represent the company in all HSSE matters; 
-  Identify the training needs; 
-  Identify and generate the required information to result in decisions or recommendations.

Profil et compétences requises

Bac +5 required, preferably in occupational health, safety, environmental science or other related discipline;
-More than 3 years experience in HSSE area;
-Team work and Managerial Experience;
-Experience in relationships with various bodies related to security matters;
-Experience in HSSE training and meeting dynamics. 
-Sound IT skills
-Language skills:   French and English 
Excellent communication skills;
-  Excellent managerial skills;

- Advanced analytical and reporting skills;
-Methodological approach;
-Action driven;
-Sense of diplomacy and responsibility;
-High Integrity;
-Good relationships and ease in  a multicultural environment;
-Significant availability/receptiveness.

Votre Dossier

We invite you to post your resume (mention the job title in the subject of your request: «HSSE Superintendent") 
and your application letter on our website: www.sodeico.org , before 26 August 2015.